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  • Welcome and Introduction
    The Te Selle family welcomes you to its own family Internet site.  As you visit our website, we are happy to share with you the family information and memorabilia that we have collected over the years.

    The Te Selle family lives mainly in two geographic regions:  (1) the eastern part of the Netherlands, near the German border, and (2) widely dispersed over a number of states in the United States of America.  For many years the Te Selle family in the Netherlands knew only vaguely that family members had emigrated to America many years ago .  Similarly, in America only a few people were aware that the Te Selle family originated from the small Dutch country on the coast of the North Sea.  There were several people who thought that the roots of the Te Selle family tree originated in either Spain or France.  It was quite possible that an American Te Selle, serving as a soldier in Germany, had no idea that he was only an hour's drive from the site of his family's origin. 

    Meanwhile, much has changed over the past several years.  Independent of each other, the Dutch and American family groups were searching for connections to each other.  Now they have found each other and have begun to exchange much information about their ancestry and history.  Modern communications and internet technology have increased the frequency of contact between family members, and have facilitated the exchange of information.  We are hopeful that this Te Selle family website will further enhance the communication and bonding among the members of our relatively small family.
  • New Website Design
    Each of the major sections of the Te Selle website is indicated by the tabs at the top of this page.  Within each major section you will find links to the section contents listed in the left margin.  Visit the Site Description page for more information about each major section.
  • English or Dutch?
    Most of the website content is presented in both English and Dutch.  To change from one language to the other, simply click the flag in the upper left corner of each page.  You will go directly to the same page in the other language.  Give it a try!


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